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Churros for catering
Catering booth
Churros for catering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas do you service? A: We serve Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernadino County! If your event is located outside of these counties, feel free to still submit an Inquiry Form and we will determine if your area is serviceable. Q: Do you fry on-site at full service events? A: We do NOT fry on-site! Our churros are made fresh at one of our stores and delivered to your event site. Our Catering Team will use a countertop toaster oven to warm up the churros before serving at your event. Q: Do you ship? A: We do not ship our products. Q: How many churros per person? A: We recommend 2-3 churros per person. Q: How big is a mini loop churro? A: 3 to 4 inches. Q: What is a glazed mini loop churro? A: A glazed mini loop churro has cinnamon sugar, 1 glaze, and 1 topping. Q: What kind of oil do you fry in? A: Soybean oil. Q: Are your churros vegan or gluten-free? A: Our churros are not gluten-free. Original cinnamon sugar churros are vegan. Glazed churros are not vegan, they contain dairy. Q: Is your soft serve vegan? A: Our soft serve is not vegan. Q: What flavor soft serve do you offer? A: We have Vanilla, Chocolate, and Swirl (Vanilla + Chocolate) soft serve. Q: Can I order special flavor Glazed churros? A: Please mention your flavor requests in our Inquiry Form and we will do our best to accommodate. Q: Do your products contain peanuts or eggs? A: Although we do not carry peanuts or egg products in our facility, our product ingredients may come from facilities that handle peanuts, eggs, or other allergens. We are not a nut-free facility, sometimes our glazes or toppings may contain nuts. Q: How long are the churros good for? A: We recommend enjoying them on the same day. Q: How do I store the churros? A: Our churros are best when stored at room temperature.

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